Stardom Can Be Checked By How Actor’s Flop Performs: Amir

Stardom Can Be Checked By How Actor’s Flop Performs: Amir

Aamir Khan is at present celebrating the achievement of his blockbuster movie Secret Superstar as the movie maker of the film. The film starring Zaira Wasim in main role saw the perfectionist Mr. Aamir Khan in an extended cameo role.  In a wide-ranging interview with a leading sensationalist, stated that the parameters to evaluate anyone’s fame in the early 90s period.

Stardom Can Be Checked By How Actor’s Flop Performs: Amir

“Back in the ’90s era when there wasn’t so much gossip about box-office earnings, how could you tell somebody is finally a super star? He added, from the time I was eight years old, I remember that I used to read Trade Guide, and other box-office journals. We would always check the numbers of papa’s films, and there would always be a circuit-wise disintegration. Within the film industry, the box-office facts were constantly there, since movies has always been there as a major business,” he said.

He further stated, “Today, majority of the media is picking up box-office numbers, and that’s a preference you’re making today. In small cities, for example, when common people didn’t know much about box-office numbers, one way to measure fame was if public had started copying an artist haircut. True, isn’t it? There are several yardsticks for determining how famous a celebrity is. Copying someone style is one of them. I retain a memory when Mr Amithabh Bachchan became a huge super star; I wanted to buy bell-bottoms pants just like him. For me, it is basically about how many theater seats gets filled. It also means that public love your work and loves you as well, and now they want to experience it. That’s imperative.”

He then started to talk about how fame is habitually calculated based on the commerciality of someone’s movie but that is incorrect, he says. “We frequently measure fame and recognition by how small or big a performer’s viable successes have been. That is a flawed technique. Movie like Dangal’s or PK’s business has to do with how huge those script’s and movies were. It’s erroneous to feature to my fame. My prominence comes into existence when I make a terrible movie that public don’t wish to see. They still come to watch due to my name. So if you wish to compute an actor’s fame, you must check out how well his flop movies do,” he asserted.

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