Services Launched By Uber For Disabled Users And Senior Citizens

Services Launched By Uber For Disabled Users And Senior Citizens

Uber has joined forces with Mphasis to introduce UberASSIST and UberACCESS vehicles to provide rides to individuals with accessibility requirements and senior citizens in India. UberACCESS, which is accessible in Bangalore, provides 50 retrofitted vehicles that are equipped with a hydraulic wheelchair lift on request and heightened roof. Alternatively, UberASSIST is a convoy of 500 vehicles that offer additional help to those who require it. It can house most foldable wheelchairs.

Services Launched By Uber For Disabled Users And Senior Citizens

In a press statement, Uber mentioned that all UberASSIST and UberACCESS drivers have been qualified and certified by the DEOC (Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre), a social enterprise promoting equal prospect and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. The coached drivers will help the passengers with convenience needs and also those who require additional backing during their ride.

President of Uber South Asia and India, Amit Jain, said, “At Uber, we think about generating transportation alternatives that suit the need of every rider. The introduction of UberACCESS and UberASSIST furthers our endeavors in this direction. We are thrilled to associate with, and express gratitude, Mphasis for being a major support in assisting us to bring this initiative to life. We intend to make these services accessible in more cities across the country.”

UberACCESS vehicles have 4-point tie-down belts in order to lock the wheelchair to the floorboards. Another distinctive trait of UberACCESS is that these automobiles have a rear-entry, meaning that riders face frontward when they are riding, not like other wheelchair-available vehicles that need riders to face backward or sideways. The rise can be tracked by the rider in real-time and share ETA with family and friends. To book UberACCESS or UberASSIST in Bangalore, users will require to:

  • Launch the Uber app
  • Enter drop-off location
  • Slide to the right and choose UberACCESS/UberASSIST
  • Verify pick-up place and request ride

Executive Director and CEO of Mphasis, Rakesh, said, “We merged our financial aid with a strategic, data-driven focus—the necessary inputs for generating scalable and sustainable influence in our communities. I am pleased my team moved toward Uber with this proposal and mutually we are dedicated to bringing up pioneering solutions that augment prospects for everyone.”

Isn’t it a great initiative? What is your opinion regarding the same?

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