Quantum V BIA Device

Launch of the Quantum V BIA Device by RJL Systems

Body composition analysis is a means to keep a track of your health status and get known about the composition changes your body goes over time. Recently, RJL Systems, Michigan-based, rolled out its newest descendant, the Quantum V, in their line of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis products. In comparison to the earlier generation, which was emphasized exclusively on entire body composition evaluation, the Quantum V Segmental BIA is improved to offer precise and rapid compartmental body composition evaluations of lean soft tissue and fat for 13 regions of the human body.

Quantum V BIA Device

The Quantum V segmental body composition analyzer is designed to provide augmented data acquisition rate, specificity, efficacy, and precision. Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis is a method that grasps calculations of current flow across the body to find out the distribution and quantity of water. Water content metrics can be used to evaluate the lean body mass of an individual, which, in turn, enables the estimation of body fat. By means of an 8-lead, 12-channel multiplexer framework, and the integrated Body Composition 4.1 software, the tool is capable of calibrating and scanning the body composition assessments for all 4 limbs; namely, the right, left, and full torso; the upper, right, left, and lower halves of the body; the gynoid; and the android. Within each region, segmental reactance and resistance estimations captured with a resolution of 0.1 Ω provide the lean body mass, fat, lean dry mass, total body water, skeletal muscle mass, and lean soft tissue content. All of these are calculated in less than 15 seconds.

The built-in software of Quantum V’s built automatically manages to choose 8 leads, examining several regions, and calibrating each region, making the tool very simple to operate. The relative features of segmental reactance and resistance measurements are extremely important, as segmental muscle hypertrophy and atrophy can be evidently demonstrated by comparing and evaluating information as a percent change over time or a comparative percentage. The Quantum V is an easy to employ, very effective, device that can rapidly and precisely assess total and segmental body composition that healthcare experts can utilize to map patients’ health progress and goals without blood work, needles, or X-rays.

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