Intel, Google, Microsoft And Other Tech Firms To Support Immigrant Dreamers

Intel, Google, Microsoft And Other Tech Firms To Support Immigrant Dreamers

Almost 2 dozen major firms in tech and other industries are aiming to roll out an alliance to insist legislation that might permit illegal and young immigrants a way to stabilize residency, as per papers seen by local media. The Coalition for the American Dream aims to request Congress to pass legislation of bipartisan this year that might permit these immigrants, frequently dubbed as “Dreamers,” to carry on working in the U.S, the paper claimed. Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Intel Corp., Facebook Inc, IBM Corp., Uber Technologies Inc, Marriott International Inc and other top U.S. firms are listed as associates, one of the paper cites.

Intel, Google, Microsoft And Other Tech Firms To Support Immigrant Dreamers

Uber, Intel, and Univision Communications Inc verified their membership, but the other firm did not right away commented. It is possible that strategies to roll out the group might change. “We are contended to join with other associations in asking Congress to pass legislation to defend Dreamers,” Will Moss, spokesman of Intel, claimed to the media in a statement. A spokesman for Uber, Matthew Wing, claimed, “Uber joined the Coalition for the American Dream since we are in support of the Dreamers. We have also provided legal support, held town halls, and rolled out an online Dreamer Resource Center.”

The push for this legislation follows after September decision of President Donald Trump to permit the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program to conclude in March. That program, founded by Barack Obama, the former President, in 2012, permits roughly 900,000 unlawful immigrants to get work license. Some 800 firms inked a letter to Congressional leaders after decision of Trump, asking for legislation defending Dreamers. That attempt was led by a pro-immigration reform group co-founded in 2013 by Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook, dubbed as

Many of the firms that authorized the letter are dubbed as joining the latest alliance. The group has aimed to take out ads in latest publications, although this is subject to alter, as per an email seen by local media last week. “Dreamers are division of our civilization, support our economy, and defend our country,” claimed one of the alliance papers.

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