Highways May Soon Not Take A Toll On Vehicles

Highways May Soon Not Take A Toll On Vehicles

After putting an end to border checkposts, the government is operating on unblocking toll gates to accelerate transportation of the goods. Movement of goods by road has turned out to be faster with the elimination of border checkposts as piece of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) policy introduction. Trucks loaded with goods now record an average 325 Km each day than the earlier 200 Km. The government wishes to smoothen movement of goods in future.

Highways May Soon Not Take A Toll On Vehicles

To implement this change, the Transport Ministry has organized a target of subjecting Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or FASTags to more than 5 Million trucks in 1 Year to minimize cash payments at toll plazas. Under the scheme, the ministry has requested all corporations of transport to get buses and trucks incorporated with RFID, a top administrator told the media in an interview.

The ministry will enable all toll lanes with RFID and FASTags will be offered for all trucks traded at dealerships. Currently, FASTags, designed by the Indian Highways Management Company Ltd. (IHMC), a joint venture between the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), are accessible at several banks and toll plazas. These banks include Axis, ICICI, and SBI.

“The Roads Transport Minister has, in the past couple of months, conducted various meetings with administrators of the Petroleum Ministry Food Corporation, and other mass customers of trucks. They have been informed to get their empanelled carriers on FASTags. We have also reached truckers associations and state transport corporations to set up FASTags the moment possible,” the administrator said.

The government has already requested auto manufacturers to install digital tags in all trucks. Toll lanes will also be allowed for a prepaid card system that will be touch-and-go in nature soon. A FASTag is connected to an account where the customer inserts money. When the truck comes at a toll plaza at the lane, a sensor scans the tag incorporated to the front windscreen of the truck, subtracts the charges, and the gate unlocks. The ministry is also hunting for more solutions that will be based on technology.

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