Airtel Comes Up With 28GB Data At Rs. 345
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Airtel Comes Up With 28GB Data At Rs. 345

As the world today runs on the internet, there is a huge demand for the data plan offers among the public. Therefore, in order to meet the demands of the public, a number of network companies have come up with a number of plans for attracting a huge crowd. Now is the time for Reliance Jio Prime as a result of the affordable data plans it provides. Following its footsteps, Airtel too has come up with a new data pack of 28GB for about 28 days. The 28GB data recharge pack cost about Rs 345 with additional advantages of unlimited STD and local calls.

Airtel Comes Up With 28GB Data At Rs. 345

However, there is a slight disadvantage; both Reliance Jio Prime and Airtel have a daily data cap of about 1GB on the recharge pack. On one hand Reliance Jio provides the users with a 1GB data, which they can consume anytime they want; but on the other hand, Airtel puts a certain condition that is only 500MB data consumption during the daytime and 500MB data consumption during the night time, which is from 12 am to 6 am.

If the users want a 1GB data per day usage without any limitation then there is an option for them to purchase a pack of about Rs 549 which also provides a 28GB data. The lucky ones purchasing the Rs 345 or Rs 549 pack before March 31 have a credit that the offer is valid till 12 months for them. Reliance Jio also provides an additional data with the Rs 303 data recharge pack with a one-time recharge of Rs 99 on a yearly basis.

Airtel has a caution that comes along with the Rs 549 pack; it has 1200 minutes of free calls for local and STD in a week. If the 1200 minute call is exceeded then a charge of about 30p per minute will be applied further. In addition to this, only 300 minutes per day free calls is possible which when exceeded is also charged with 30p per minute. One uncertain feature is that if 100 unique users are called within a week then a duty of 30 per minute will be applied for the rest of the validity.

Other network providers such as Idea Cellular also have come up with a new recharge plan of Rs 348 where the user gets to use 500MB data per day from the 28GB data which leads to the usage of 14GB data for the validity of 28 days. The calls both local and STD are unlimited in terms of time. For now, this plan is available only for the selected customers and not for the public like the rest.

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